The Winter 2014-15 Folklore in a Box is full of winter fun (and so much to learn) for kids. A super cool gift or great school activity, our box takes you and your kids on a tour of the beauty and meaning of winter in different cultures around the world. Four activities, a book, stories and projects that last all through winter! WHAT’S INSIDE: The wonderful book, Fireside Stories: Tales for a Winter’s Eve by Caitlin Matthews and Helen Cann; a craft for making shadow puppets; we’ll explain the history of shadow puppets too, and how the tradition travelled from East to West; a how-to science project that illustrates the earth’s tilt and how it creates the winter solstice; evergreen wreath supplies; and air-dry clay for making the kind of lanterns made at Diwali, the Indian festival of lights.


Light in the dark, hope and joy, circles and seasons, forgiveness and togetherness

The IDEAS to learn about

How stories work: symbols, themes, myths; the science of the winter solstice, festivals of light around the world, plants in winter, light and shadow


Slavey Indians of the MacKenzie River in Canada, French, French-Canadian, East Indian, Javanese, Czech

Every story and craft shares key themes that are central to winter traditions worldwide — of light in the darkness, festivals of light, and symbols of the circle of the seasons. In these traditions, light symbolizes goodness, faith, joy, fun, delight, strength and other wonderful things. The circle is that part of life that goes on and on through the seasons and the years. It symbolizes eternity, rebirth and hope. Many winter traditions celebrate the idea that light will return and the good will overcome the bad— especially if we have faith, take care of one another, work together, be good and forgive. Happy winter!