Here’s a little summer solstice craft for kids to kick off summer vacation.  You could put one on your front door or make a few and hang them from the ceiling in a play room or bedroom, or make a garland out of them.  You only need: scissors, glue, tape, different colored and textured orange and yellow paper, string and popsicle sticks or recycled wood chopsticks.

solstice2Begin by making a circle.  If your paper has a one-sided pattern or is flimsy, glue two pieces together before you cut your circle out.  Then, use more paper of different patterns to make the sun’s rays.  If your paper seems flimsy and your sun’s rays wilt, glue the popsicle or chop sticks inside the rays (mainly on the top few).  Glue them on to your circle in a neat pattern.  You can attach a message to the bottom with string (or not).   It just takes a half hour or so, and was fun and easy enough for my 3 year-old to do. Happy summer!