Spring 2015 Folklore in a Box

The Spring 2015 Folklore in a Box is Ready!  Every box is a beautiful surprise!  Just go to SHOP on the menu bar to purchase yours.  Our artfully curated activity boxes come with a booklet telling you all about the folklore of the season and highlighting particular cultures.  They also include crafts kits, books, activities and traditions that draw on the folklore themes. They are fun for kids and adults who want to connect with the lore of the season and make it special.

What’s Inside: A book of classic African-American tales about the crafty trickster Brer Rabbit, dramatically illustrated by Don Daily; craft kits for making a simple version of Ukrainian Eggs, and May Day Baskets, inspired by the American midwest; and finally, an introduction to the Chinese symbolism of the Phoenix and the Dragon, a little info on American Easter traditions, and Phoenix and Dragon craft pages.

With this box, I focus on themes and symbols of beginning, rebirth, eggs, the rabbit, the moon and the phoenix and the dragon.  It focuses on Ukrainian, German-American, English, Chinese and African American cultures, and explores Ukrainian symbols, the origins of American Easter traditions, folktales of the American South, the Chinese Tao, and the skills of wax resist, dye and weaving.  I can’t wait to share it!