Hi friends,

Like everyone, we are at home this week, and after a week of just relaxing, my girls are ready to create, share and be productive.  With the idea ahead of us that we will have kids at home until April 28 (at the earliest), we have decided to use this old blog site of mine to share, post and collaborate.  We are kicking off with 10 things you can do to feel better and feel creative with your time at home this week. I’m going first and Sabina’s and Amelia’s will be coming tomorrow.  We invite you to share as well. What projects are you doing? How are you working with your kids at home. What makes you feel good? What are you worried about? We are inviting all to share.  If you would like to post, you can contact Amelia, Sabina, or me directly if you have our various contacts, or you can write to julia@archetypelearning.com.  


This Week in Oregon

Where we live, it has been a surreal week.  Last Saturday, it snowed for the first time all winter.  The rest of the week has been 60, sunny, and beautiful. We began the week with a rough guideline to limit groups. We are ending it with a stay at home request that is pretty much all encompassing.  Over the week, we took socially distant hikes to see beautiful wild flowers at Catherine Creek in the Gorge, did a walk at Thousand Acres with our doggy, planted our vegetable gardens first starts and seeds, played tennis, took bike rides, and started with the weeding and all.  We had lots of virtual chats with friends and family, made bread, made candles, made homemade sanitizer, considered a kitchen remodel and more. 


What can we do? 

1.Make a rosemary, lavender, bay, bergamot, or eucalyptus wreath for your front door. All of these are protective.  When you make your little circle and tie it up with string, you send your creative energy out and protect yourself and your family with your love.  

2. Protect your lungs with fresh air and with eucalyptus steam.  Pour boiling water in a bowl. Put in 6 drops eucalyptus essential oil.  Put a towel over your head and breath for 2 minutes. Don’t share bowls.  Start again if more than one person is doing it. 

New chives and arugula

Overwinter broccoli

New broccoli, carrot seeds, spinach, onion, peas

3, Plant something, anything.  Here is my garden that I planted 🙂  If the seed stores are closed near you, try any of the wonderful online ones.  I have always loved the Territorial Seed Company. There are many more.  

4. Order some beautiful natural lotion, from Island Thyme.  I love the comfrey calendula cream for healing your poor sanitized hands.

5. Bake bread.  Here is our favorite recipe recently.  If you don’t have Semolina flour it works pretty well just with normal flour. 

Bullet journal to unwind worry

6. Keep a journal.  Here’s mine from the first day at night when I thought about getting super stressed out about keeping my little girls safe but decided to draw and talk to Jeff about silly stuff instead. 

7. Yoga everyday.  Let’s give the wonderful Adrienne from Yoga with Adrienne another million followers.  She has this playlist for uncertain times.

8. Walking outside everyday.

9. House Party found by Sabina’s wonderful friends.  Very fun.

10. Here’s the magic symbol for protection.  Make your own. 





Coming soon —

Amelia, Sabina, and friends on their project the “75th News”, which they are is writing and sharing here soon. It includes stories, games, and activities for kids and adults.  

What are you doing?  Please write us and share.  We are happy to include posts by kids and adults that you want to share with our community — friends, neighbors, family, Le Monde.