In the spring, I love to bring trimmed tree branches into the house to bloom. I’ve include a few directions for how to force cherry blossoms below.  For Chinese New Year, which was February 8 this year, it’s traditional to force cherry blossoms, so that’s what we did with our cherry tree branches. But you can do it with any flowering tree at any time in early spring. Here is a little symbolism.

Cherry: generosity, prosperity

Apple: love

Plum: good luck

Willow: kindness, compassion

Orange: luck, prosperity

To force to bloom:

  • Cut tree limbs with buds (but not blooms) on them and bring inside
  • Make a lovely arrangement in a sturdy vase (branches are heavy).
  • Put in warm water.
  • Place in a warm spot near a window or near a light you have on often.
  • Change water once a week.
  • Soon, you will have blooming branches to enjoy.