Folklala Classes

Our Fall Classes are now open for registration. Click here for printable flyer version of this page.

Fall Folklore – For Kids 6-9

Class Fee: $45 for 5 weeks or $10 per day drop-in rate
Tuesdays, 4:30-5:20pm, October 14-November 11
Where: Tabor Space – 5441 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97215

Fall fun! How did coyote steal the fire that will keep the people warm all winter? Why do we dress up in costumes for Halloween? Why do we call carved pumpkins Jack o’Lanterns? How do people around the world celebrate Autumn? Join Folklala for a 5-week class that explores our fall traditions through drama, art and story. We will make books about our favorite, funny trickster, coyote, make straw dolls with traditional Ukrainian folk artist Daniela Mahoney, create lanterns out of natural materials, and make fall forest animal masks.

 Registration is a two step process!

Register now by registering for class below! (After making a payment via Paypal you will be directed to our registration information page where you can input student and parent/guardian contact information). Drop-in students can pay the teacher in cash at class or through Paypal using the second “Pay Now” button below.

5 session registration by # of students
1 student $45.00 USD
2 students $90.00 USD
3 students $135.00 USD
4 students $180.00 USD
For Class
Fall Folklore – Kids 6-10


Drop In $10/student
1 student $10.00 USD
2 students $20.00 USD
3 students $30.00 USD
4 students $40.00 USD